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MH Virtual

Sometimes you have a briliant idea, maybe even, dare we say, the best idea in the world! But… often that idea stays an idea because it can be difficult to create.

That’s where we come in!

We help make your fantastic ideas a reality. We provide a plethora of different services to help you and/or your business thrive.

Tablet and phone with websites displayed within them

What We Offer

Bespoke Website Solutions

Our local development teams will work with your business to cover every single detail of your digital project. Your success is our success, so we ensure to provide you with the highest quality website as a platform for your online presense.

Mobile Responsive Designs

Being mobile friendly is crucial for any modern business, it even affects your Google Page Ranking, so we tailor our websites to be accessible, functional and easy-to-user for any smartphone or tablet users.

E-Commerce Platforms

Our team are experts in creating responsive WooCommerce and Magento stores to showcase your business’ products and services. We make it our job to develop user-friendly platforms that can convert website visitors into customers.

Website Redevelopment

If you find that your website isn’t performing as well as you expected, we can help to adapt and develop different aspects of your brand in order for it to reach it’s full potential. This can range from a digital health checkup, a new homepage layout, or even a complete website redesign.

Logo & Brand Development

Need new branding for your start-up? Or just looking to give your business a face-lift?

Your look represents everything you stands for, and our Design Team can work with you to perfect your brand

Search Engine Optimisation

The digital team at MH Virtual will optimise your website and improve search engine rankings to drive more organic traffic to your business. We can also work with you to develop an ongoing SEO strategy to ensure continued growth.


Leaflet & Brochure Design

Our Design Team specialises in creating beautiful, bespoke brochures and marketing material that you’ll be proud to put your logo on.

We can also provide support in finding local printers to fulfil your order.

Video Editing & Production

We’ve partnered with local video production agencies that will be able to plan, film and edit adverts and animations to promote your business further.

We also offer an in-house video editing service as a low-cost solution for producing videos.

…And that’s not all!

MH Virtual has a range of other services that we can provide, including bespoke solutions that are tailored entirely unique to your business

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Fair, Honest Pricing.

Standard Plan

Recommended For:

Start-ups and small businesses looking to establish an online presence with a simple and elegant brochure website

Website domain registration

Monthly hosting plan

Simple web traffic reports

SEO checks

Buttons to your social media pages

A contact form to an email of your choice

Embedded Google map

Backups maintained

Enterprise Plan

Recommended For:

Businesses looking to either redevelop their website or update an existing website with a modern look

All Standard features, plus:


Monthly web traffic reports

Choice of layouts and designs

Advanced search engine optimisation

Links and share buttons to your social media pages

Assessment of social media channels, or a plan to open new platforms

A contact form going to multiple emails of your choice

Weekly backups of the full website

2 hours of developer time per month to perform updates, maintenance and add new content/functionality.

Corporate Plan

Recommended For:

Established businesses looking to add specific enhancements and improve their marketing channels and SEO ranking

All Enterprise features, plus:


Advanced monthly traffic reports

E-Commerce functionality for online trading

The MH Virtual digital team work closely with your business to develop an ongoing marketing strategy, covering Social Media, SEO, SEM, Video, PPC advertising and much more.

5 hours of developer time per month to perform updates, maintenance and add new content/functionality.

It’s impossible to give a fixed cost for any web development or services, but we’ll work with you to provide an accurate, bespoke quotation to suit your business needs going forward.

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